Here we go

I don’t quite know how to do this… I want to write something beautiful that captivates you and makes you wanna quote me on pinterest or twitter, but it’s been a long day and there is nothing even remotely inspirational about me the moment. If you could just see me right now… hey, let me just describe it to you. I have my frizzy, slightly wet hair clipped up, I’m sitting in my [twin] bed wearing my high school sweats and my “welcome to the dirk show” shirt while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Its january and my room is still decorated for christmas and there is dirty underwear on my floor. So, if you were looking for inspiration tonight, you might want to go to the “Quotes” tab on pinterest. 

So now that you think I am loser, let me introduce myself. My name is Mary Katherine. I am 18, I am in college, and I’m from Dallas. I have 2 dachshunds, 2 parents, and 1 brother. I love to laugh. I love to laugh at myself. I love the Lord. I love art, the smell of paint, the smell of men, and the smell of airplanes. I love the 60’s, the 40’s, your mom, and the beach. I love coffee and cookies and Gilmore girls. But my favorite thing is traveling.

Traveling inspires me more than anything. Traveling inspired me to pursue photography and art and advertising. It created in me a love for history and an appreciation for the past. I love to imagine how people lived back then. It amazes me to think people wore corsets and drank tea like it was their job. Traveling has taught me that some beauty is timeless: the beauty of ingenuity & skill, of creativity & boldness, and of love & steadfastness. Those are things that time does not diminish, but rather time defines. I know that what people did in the past has made or world what it is today, but I appreciate it and marvel at it because i have seen it with my own 2 eyes. 

I have traveled a lot for my age and I have traveled so many different ways. I cannot wait to share what I have learned and experienced through my travels with you, whoever you are. I don’t even care if one person reads this. It is SO much fun to just blab about whatever to something that isn’t my shower or my dog! 

One more thing, I wanna go right now. I wanna pack up my things and go somewhere amazing. Right now I wish I was in London again. I wish I was in Westminster abbey. I wish I was having tea. Or I wish I was in New York City. I wish for cities a lot so get ready. Some girls crave chocolate… I crave cities…. & chocolate!




{a photo I took in NYC May 2013//”top of the rock”}


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